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From the Desk of Jeff Radich
Estate Planning Professional
Monday, 4:15 PM

Dear Friend:

I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO SOUND ALARMING. In fact, quite alarming. But I want you to know something deeply important. Hear me out for a moment, OK? Look around you right now and answer these questions:

If you’re like most people, you lock your doors at night to protect yourself and your hard-earned wealth and possessions.

And why not? No one wants to be robbed, to wake up one day and find the things you worked so hard for, the life you fought so hard to achieve, the loved friends and family you try so hard to protect…

… Gone. All gone.

So insurance, locks, maybe even alarm systems, they’re all part of your strategy to protect what’s yours and save you and your loved ones from the grief of having someone steal from you.

Forgive Me For This
Shocking Tidbit, But…

… It isn’t enough. It’s NEVER enough.

I know this whole thing may seem like some kind of scare tactic designed to pull you in. I understand that no one wants to believe that everything they’ve worked for and everyone they love is on the firing line.

And I recognize that nobody wants to think of the government as a vulture just waiting to pick the bones of your estate.

I know all that, and yet… I also know that it is absolutely TRUE. How?

My Name is Jeff Radich, And I’m
An Estate Planning Professional

As the president of EstatePlanCenter.com and an estate planning professional, I see the entire range of estate settlements, from the good, to the bad, to the ugly…

… And to the very, VERY ugly.

I know that the key to making sure your estate transitions smoothly — the key to protecting your children from probate and estate taxes — is planning. Right now.

The plan? To keep your children out of a fight they can’t win. All too often I see clients who are fighting their way through probate. Sometimes they are all fighting the system together, and that’s bad enough.

But when a loved one dies, it’s a very emotional time.

And when you add emotions to assets, you often end up with the grieving children fighting each other, in the courts as well as with the courts.

At a time when they should be coming together to deal with their loss and celebrate your memories, they are fighting instead… Fighting over the choice of lawyers, dates for court, distribution of legal costs.

They may even be fighting over your assets.

When you started building your legacy for your children…

Is This What You Had In Mind?
Well, It Doesn’t Have to Happen.

Maybe you’ve got a will. Maybe it’s completely up to date. And maybe you’ve taken steps to ensure that the will is clear, concise, and uncomplicated. But the question you've been asking yourself is…

… Is it enough?

How do you know when you’ve covered all the bases?

Who will help you through the process? Where can you find a complete guide to building an ironclad estate that transitions to your children smoothly, so they can celebrate your life when your time comes — rather than battling the government over your legacy?

What if you could eliminate all the confusion, fear and anxiety once and for all about estate planning? What if you could easily master the fundamentals and learn to avoid common mistakes — mistakes that can be dreadfully expensive?

And what if a step-by-step guide could take you there? All for less than the price of going out to a nice dinner!

The Estate Planning Organizer turns the confusing process of creating a solid will or living trust into a simply accomplished task.

“You Saved Me a Lot of Money!”

“Without a doubt you saved me a lot of money. Your whole package of information showed me the entire picture of estate planning, I was able to think everything through, by taking me through simple steps and practical lessons. You also showed me the importance of other additional documents I had never considered. And one more thing you did that was great… You helped ME make the decisions. I am smarter and ahead of the game because of your materials. Thanks, you have a great business.”
Henry Klein, Alexandria, VA

“The Estate Planning Organizer™ has been my ‘Bible’ for setting up a plan smoothly. At the same time, my two married children have found the Organizer to be an ‘eye-opener’ and are using it for planning.”
Clarice MacGarvey, Miami Fl

The Confusion Ends Here.
The Answers Start Now.

Over the years, I have worked one on one with literally hundreds of individuals, helping them build a strong estate plan. I have spoken directly with thousands more people about wills and living trusts.

I know that...

Think you’re alone? Think again.

Everyone has concerns like these, whether your estate is worth a few thousand dollars or a few million. It doesn’t matter.

No one likes the idea that the government will take a sizeable chunk of their estate — the legacy you spent your life building for your kids — and drag their children through probate court for 6, 12, even 24 months.

Are Your Heirs And Assets In
Danger? Take This Short Quiz…

Take a deep breath, and then ask yourself:

Do you know…

  1. All the Estate Planning options available to you?
  2. What kind of specific information you need in order to choose between those options?
  3. How to find a qualified estate planning attorney?
  4. What information your spouse needs to know after you’re gone? (And exactly where to find it?)
  5. And similarly, what information YOU need if your spouse should die before you?
  6. The advantages and disadvantages of living trusts and wills? And how to decide which one, if not both, is right for you and your situation?
  7. How to choose the right trustee to manage your assets? (All trustees are NOT created equal!)
  8. How minimize your taxes now and after you pass on?
  9. How to communicate your wishes and distribute your assets so your children don’t fight?

Not knowing the answer to even one of these questions could cost you, your spouse, or your children thousands of dollars. And the danger goes up exponentially for every additional question you can’t answer TODAY!

And if you don’t know the answers, you worry about it. Your friends worry about it. Your neighbors worry about it.

Even My Parents Used To Worry
About It. They Don’t Anymore.

How My Parents
Became My Clients

My parents own a small restaurant in a little town 40 miles north of St. Paul, MN. They have been working their business successfully for almost 35 years and are closing in on their retirement.

A few years ago I got a phone call from my mother with a question I never thought she would ask.

The phone rang, I picked up, and heard my mother’s voice on the other end of the line. For a few minutes, we talked just like always…

… You know, “How’s the weather,” “how’s the three boys,” “how’s the dog.” Normal, everyday mom-and-son stuff.

Then she dropped the bomb.

“Your father and I were talking yesterday and we agreed that we need to sit down and re-write our 20 year old will. You know, get our affairs in order. But we’re stumped. We don’t know what to do or where to start.”

As you can imagine, I was stunned. Even though I am a well-regarded, published and experienced estate planning professional, it’s always a bit of a shock to have your parents call you and ask for your help in planning that sort of thing.

To make matters worse, at the time my parents were some 2,300 miles away. Needless to say, the distance created a new problem.

I Needed a Solution, So I Took
A Few Days To Think About It…

My parents run a busy restaurant, so I know they have a lot of records. And as we all know, it can be hard to keep things in order.

So the first question I realized that needed to be answered was, “How would we know where to look if something happened to either one of you?”

You see, my dad is the businessman while my mother handles all the bookkeeping. It’s a great relationship that’s served them well for years.

However, my father doesn’t know where mom files things or how to take over if something happened to her. My mother, on the other hand, wouldn’t know where to look for the business accounts, credit, investments, and so on if something happened to my father.

And what if something happened to BOTH of them?

I didn’t want to think about any of these things, but my mother asked for my help, so I took off my “Son” hat, put on my “Estate Planner” hat, and went to work.

First Step? The Information
For Survivors Workbook

Because gathering information is the first and most important step to creating an effective estate plan, I developed and put together a workbook for them.

I called it, “Information for survivors.”

This workbook asked questions about everything we would need to know about my parent’s affairs in case we ever needed to manage their estate for whatever reason.

The workbook I created is a very practical system that my mother used (and still uses) to outline and keep her records updated. In the workbook, I outline a number of issues that are vitally important for the survivors.

In my personal experience, the information in the workbook is an absolute requirement if you want to save your family from trying to make sense out of all the paper trails — which can be quite a task.

Here are some the things included in the workbook:

  • Location of vital documents (e.g., birth, death, marriage, divorce, and adoption).

    Like most people, my parents have accumulated a lot of information about their lives over the years, but only they know where any of it is. This part helped them to identify the documents we might need, and to tell us where they are.

    Do you have documents like: birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce and adoption papers? They all could be important to making sure your wishes are followed and your estate resolved the way you want. Do your kids know where to find them? And what will it cost them if they don’t?

  • Location of deeds and asset information.

    After my mother filled in this information, I realized that my parents had several places I didn’t know about where they stored deeds, bank account information, that sort of thing. Without the workbook, all of that — and possibly several thousand dollars — would have been lost.

    How well documented are your assets? And where are those documents? For instance, if you were incapacitated tomorrow, would anyone know where to find them? And how much time and money would your family lose if they couldn’t find them?

  • Information about employee disability, social security, pension plans, and survivor benefits.

    How many insurance policies, IRAs and benefit packages can you accumulate in your lifetime that your children are not aware of? I had no idea of what my parents had built into their estate, and I was surprised to see the amount of information in this section when my mother finished it.

    Most children never ask questions about these things, because they’re hard questions to ask for any number of reasons. But if you’ve built these up, they are part of your legacy. Why not make sure they go to the right place? Communication is key to saving your legacy.

  • Burial and/or funeral plans, prearrangements and final wishes.

    I consider our family to be pretty open and honest with each other, but I NEVER knew what my father wanted us to do with his body after he passed. I’m more than happy to honor his wishes — now that I know what they are!

    Do you know what you want to happen when your time comes? And do your children? This is a very tough topic to discuss with your kids, but the workbook made it easy for my parents to document their wishes in a place where I could see and honor them when the time came. If you don’t tell them what you want, how can they give you what you need?

  • Safe deposit box location.

    One of the biggest, most preventable and most common losses families suffer when a parent dies is the loss of recoverable hidden assets. You hear stories all the time about children discovering safe deposit boxes they didn’t know existed, and it makes you wonder: “What didn’t they find?”

    In my work I have seen too many children surprised by holdings they didn’t know existed, so I added a special section where I thought of every piece of important information that I have seen in my years of estate planning.

My parents went through the list, and came up with safety deposit boxes, insurance policies (all kinds, like home, car, health, long-term care, etc), social security, credit cards, liabilities, you name it.

Do you have a complete list of all these assets and liabilities? Would your children know where to look? What to cash in? What to shut down?

It was a pretty detailed list that took me quite a while to build. But as a professional estate planner, I knew it didn’t stop there…

(This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many things you will learn with The Estate Planning Organizer kit.)

From Helping My Own Parents
To Becoming a Complete Planner

As I was creating the information workbook for my parents, I soon realized that they are not at all unusual.

For instance, they live a regular existence, they work at their regular business, they accumulate regular wealth and possessions, and they have very specific — but not unusual — wishes about what they want done with their estate and their own bodies when they are gone.

Not so different from you and me.

My parents had a long list of needs to establish and maintain their estate plan — and so do you. But have you thought about all of the issues in the workbook I created for my parents?

Most people haven’t, it’s just SO overwhelming.

Will a lawyer help? Of course.

But keep in mind that, at $175 or more an hour, how many hours would it take? And do you really want to pay him to ask you these same questions?

All of the answers to your questions, from the simple to the complex, are available in The Estate Planning Organizer — for a lot less than $175.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop at the Information for Survivors workbook. Because my parents’ needs didn’t end there. And yours don’t either.

Use the Estate Planning Organizer to Think Through
All The Details Before You Create Your Estate Plan

I use The Estate Planning Organizer every day in my own office to help people discover for themselves the best tools available to them for managing their estates. The comprehensive fill-in-the-blank Estate Planning Organizer will show you step-by-step how to:

Complete It By Hand Or
Fill It Out On Your Computer

After you order we’ll ship (via UPS) the complete binder to you AND provide instant access to download the complete Organizer so you can fill out the PDFs and save them right on your computer.

I wouldn’t let my parents make these decisions without understanding their options. I don’t let my clients do it.

And I don’t want you to make that mistake either.

Why take that chance, end up with the wrong tools managing your estate, when the information you need is here, all in one place?

I work with real people just like you every day, so I see the things they forget, and I see the things that end up costing them and their children grief — not to mention time and money.

And I pack all of that knowledge into this simple, easy-to-use planner.

“Your Understanding Eased The Process Greatly!”

“The thorough knowledge you provided not only gave me the best direction but also simplified the process of setting up my living trust. Your ability to understand my needs and wants eased the process greatly. Every time I called, you always answered as soon as possible. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much.”
Qian Brone, Ann Arbor, MI

“… The more I can have already laid out for my children when I die, the better they will be able to handle my death along with all the responsibilities that go along with claiming my estate. I have begun to actually take inventory of my estate using the Estate Plan Organizer from Section 2. Now that I’ve compiled all of this into my Organizer, I can use it as a reference whenever I need to, and my children will have it to refer to, which will be very helpful to them.”
Patricia A. Lewis, Stafford, VA

How DO You Know You’ve Thought of Everything?

“I want to make sure that I think of everything.” Have you said that about your estate plan? Is that why you haven’t done anything yet? Maybe it’s because you lack the right information, the time or the person to trust.

Is that why you’ve left your children, your assets, your wealth unprotected?

Look, no one thinks of everything on their own.

But after hundreds of clients and thousands of people surveyed, I have assembled all the information you need to ignite your brain, get you thinking, and access the answers you need to completely protect the people and things that are important in your life.

After years of research I developed a step-by-step, “paint by numbers” Estate Planning Organizer (downloadable directly from this site and shipped directly to you) that ensures you will succeed at understanding and preparing a solid plan.

The Estate Planning Organizer is a simple and easy way to ensure that you, not the courts or the IRS, control the distribution of your assets.

Your peace of mind and that of your children is in your hands. So take control now.

Because only knowledgeable, careful planning can ensure that your house, your car, your personal collections, your stocks, your money, your savings or your bank account — all the important things you have worked hard for — end up in the hands of the people you choose…

… And NOT in the government’s coffers!

Download immediately in Adobe® PDF format!

The Estate Planning Organizer
The Most Comprehensive Way To Protect
Your Children and Your Assets TODAY!

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To make planning your estate simple, The Estate Planning Organizer is broken down into several comprehensive step-by-step sections that get you thinking seriously and actively about the things you need to know — and tell your children and your lawyer — to complete your estate.

In this program I have three goals. They are:

  1. To teach you the basics of estate planning. Consider this “Estate Planning 101.”
  2. Give you the opportunity to contemplate what you want out of your estate plan.
  3. Provide a space where you can write out your wishes so you can properly communicate them with your family and attorney.

“The Estate Planning Organizer is the most comprehensive pre-planning estate planning guide I have ever seen. I wish all my clients would come this prepared before they meet with me… It’s a detailed education on estate planning and a thorough fill-in-the-blank Organizer that allows you to think through every detail needed to build yourself a bullet-proof estate plan. Hand this off to your attorney before you begin and you’ll be set.”

Steven Allen, Attorney
Phoenix, Arizona

To faciliate achieving these goals as smoothly and easily as possible, the program is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Estate Planning 101: Planning and Preparing Your Estate

If you want to build an airtight estate plan, you need to know and understand the basics. So Part 1 gives you a step-by-step basic explanation of what estate planning is, what the options are.

Know your options.

The property, possessions, and assets you have accumulated over a lifetime (and hopefully will continue to accumulate for a long time to come!) will at some point need to be disposed of.

Part 1 of The Estate Planning Organizer includes a complete introduction to wills, living trusts, and other estate tools, including the advantages and disadvantages. It also explains estate taxes and the best way to reduce if not eliminate them.

Seek Good, Solid Professional Help
(And Avoid The Not-So-Professional)

Another important component to your estate plan is your lawyer: Choose the right one and you get an ironclad estate that minimizes or eliminates taxes and avoids probate. Choose the wrong one, and…

… Well, consider this story from one of my clients.

The Reason Lawyers
Have a Bad Reputation

I recently made a house call after getting a call from a soon-to-be client. It seems my client’s father paid a local attorney over $1,500.00 to have his living trust prepared. The attorney convinced him that everything was fine and that he did a good job for him.

About 6 months before my client called me in, his father died. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The children found out that the house was never transferred into the name of the deceased father’s trust, and since the trust name was NOT on the deed to the house and the father's name alone was still on the title, the house had to go through probate.

The children CANNOT transfer title of the property to their own name until probate is complete — which typically takes as much as 2 years, and can cost as much as 10% of the value of the estate!

My client could not believe what was happening!

His father had supposedly done the right thing — he had hired and paid for an attorney $1,500.00! So how did this all go so terribly wrong?

So he confronted the lawyer, demanding explanations, looking for some help in cleaning up the mess made by the incomplete work the lawyer had done on the estate.

Believe it or not, the attorney responded by offering to handle the probate — at a reduced rate! Go figure.

Not all lawyers are that bad, and in fact, many of them dedicate their lives and their practices to ensuring that their clients never see the inside of probate court.

The question is: How do you find the good ones?

Part 1 helps you choose the best attorney you can find. It shows you how to locate attorneys, and tells you the 13 questions you need to ask that help you determine if they will help you or not. And Section 4 shows you how to check them out through your state bar before you give them any money.

Talk The Talk — And Understand
When The “Pros” Talk Back!

Full Estate Planning Glossary

Let’s face it, dealing with your estate can be difficult for any number of reasons. Maybe you have a lot of ground to cover. Maybe you don’t like dealing with issues that you associate with your own mortality.

Whatever the reason, it can be difficult.

And one alarming trend I see every day is that all it takes is one confusing issue to completely shut a lot of people down.

But estate planning is too important to put off, so I won’t let a little confusion stop you from protecting your family and your assets. That’s why Part 1 includes a glossary of commonly used terms that explains the words and “legalese” that everyone uses — but no one understands.

The glossary alone is worth the price of admission, but as part of the Introduction to Estate Planning, it’s absolutely invaluable.

If you already know how much, then click here to order now!

One of the Reasons So Many Fail to
Create a Plan is Because They Don’t
Know How to Begin

“The Organizer Saved Me $2,000!”

“The Organizer dispelled several estate planning myths and clarified the necessary steps to do my own planning. As a result it allowed me to identify weaknesses in my parents’ existing Family Living Trust and begin to setup my own without hiring an attorney. I estimate I saved $2,000 assuming I had an attorney spend time educating me and gathering the same information. Thanks!”

Bruce Beighle, Boyd, MT

Part 2: The Estate Planning Organizer

Part 2 is an information assistant that asks you the questions to help you create a comprehensive list of information and assets. It helps you gather all of the information you need for an ironclad estate plan, and helps your estate plan start to take shape.

Why is that important? Because if you don’t think about the main issues, you may not make great decisions. >Part 2 introduces the main issues you need to consider, and gives you a platform to think out loud.

When you complete Part 2, you have an outstanding outline for your attorney to evaluate and proceed with practical and logical advice.

Maximize your time with your attorney: Why waste time and money with your lawyer by being unprepared? Part 2 of The Estate Planning Organizer helps you cover all the bases and make sure you think of everything beforehand, so you get the MOST out of your “paid” attorney time!

But you might be asking yourself…

“Why Should I Think This Through?
Isn’t That Why I’m Paying My Lawyer?”

No, it’s not.

A lot of people assume that they should just let their lawyer tell them what to do, because they’re the experts. Worse still, a lot of lawyers feel exactly the same way. But who is really the expert here?

You are.

No one knows your assets, your family, your wishes — heck, your life — better than you. So YOU are the expert. Part 1 prepares you to find the best possible lawyer, and Part 2 prepares you to tell them what YOU want to do.

As a professional, I know that the best estate planners don’t tell you what to do, but instead, they educate you so you can make the best, most practical decisions possible. The first step to making the decision is to assemble all the facts and all the information you need.

That is what I did for my parents, it’s what I do for all my clients, and it’s what I want to do for you.

The comprehensive list of questions inside the Organizer will walk you through the estate planning decision-making process step-by-step. Taking the time to think through these questions in a careful and systematic manner will allow you to be more thorough in determining what your expectations are.

Take control — and keep it: Whether you let your attorney or your government dictate your estate, it amounts to the same thing: They’re in charge, not you. Why give up control when it’s your life?

Because you’re the expert on your life, and your lawyer is the expert on how to protect it. So why not rely on the right expert for each job?

Give Yourself
(And Your Lawyer) The Edge.

Not all attorneys are bad — in fact many of them are very good.

But far too often, attorneys never even have a chance to create a solid comprehensive estate plan, because their clients are not aware of which issues they need to address in their own specific situations.

They can only work with what you tell them.

Look, no one knows your situation more directly and more intimately than you do. A good attorney should ask all the right questions, but why take the chance? It’s your life and your children we’re protecting here.

Part 2 tells you what to bring to your attorney, and shows you how to calculate your net worth. Use this information to help your lawyer understand what you have and devise ways to protect it.

For example, if you have $1 million life insurance policy, one strategy for maximizing that asset might be to place it into a special trust to prevent it from increasing your estate tax bill. But your lawyer can only suggest that strategy IF he knows about the policy.

That’s why The Estate Planning Organizer helps you to organize your information into a simple, comprehensive format that helps you and your attorney communicate effectively.

If you’re ready to see how well you can be prepared, then click here to order The Estate Planning Organizer now!

“The Organizer will be a godsend!”

“The Estate Planning Organizer™ puts you in much better shape to get the most from your attorney, as quickly and efficiently as possible. (Those with very simple estates who are inclined not to consult a lawyer will find this process very educational and useful.) The information gathering that the Organizer guides you through will be a godsend to your survivors. You’ll recognize that fact, and find peace of mind because of it.”

Michael T. Palermo, Attorney at Law, CFP and author of “Crash Course in Wills and Trusts,” Lexington, Kentucky

Part 3: Information For Survivors

It’s amazing to me how many people just assume that their children will know instinctively how to handle their estate when they die.

That’s NEVER a good assumption to make.

Because the truth is, most people do an absolutely lousy job (most of them unintentionally) of communicating with their kids about what they want, how they want it done, and where to find the paperwork.

Your assets took a lifetime of thinking, working, saving and planning to accumulate. They represent your life’s energy and hold your entire life’s dreams. Why risk losing everything through poor planning, making the wrong choices or worse, having no choice at all?

Decisions about your estate and the people you leave behind will get made, because they have to. Question is, who do you want to make them?

… Or YOU?

If You Don’t Specify How To Divide
Your Estate, The Government Will

And that costs your children time, money, pain.

Every week, I hear another sad story about a husband who is in real danger of losing his home, his car, his whole life, simply because he doesn’t know where his wife — who had managed the check book for years before she died — kept the bank accounts.

In one case, the husband actually had over half a million dollars in cash and liquid assets, but couldn’t pay the utility bills because the newly widowed man didn’t know where his wife had stored the money.

And it’s not just about banks and bank accounts.

Maybe you have stocks, bonds, or life insurance. Maybe it’s pension plans. And maybe you have other places to keep money for a rainy day.

People do keep money in some unusual places. Listen to this:

Where Did the Money Go?
Two Cautionary Tales

Emergency Cash And An “Electrifying” Surprise

About a year ago, I visited a client who told me about their dad. After he died, they prepared to sell the house. At the last minute, however, they decided to paint, because dad had smoked, and they wanted to clean it up to get top dollar for the house.

Well, when they started to paint the house, something happened. Her husband took a faceplate off a light switch and uncovered a bunch of $100 bills!

Excited and overwhelmed, they went through the whole house unscrewing switch plates and plug covers, and under every one they uncovered hundreds of dollars.

$5,600 in all, to be exact.

But dad never told them where he kept emergency cash. In fact, dad told them nothing at all. And a year later with the house sold and gone, they still wonder if the new owner got a hidden “rebate” they might have missed.

Do you have a hidden stash? Maybe in a safe deposit box? Or someplace a little more creative? Consider this…

But What Did She Keep In The Jewelry Box?

This story comes from my own mother in law.

It seems the mother of a friend of hers died a few years ago. After a long and painful probate (in fact, the children didn’t speak to each other for some time afterwards) the kids decided to sell the family home to pay the legal bills and estate taxes.

And then split the proceeds.

Before putting the house up for sale, they decided to clean thoroughly so the house presented well.

At one point, the daughter took the lace curtains that were hung all over the house to a dry cleaner to have them spruced up before putting the house on the market.

To her surprise, she got a phone call from an honest cleaner, asking her to come down to the shop right away. When she arrived, the dry cleaner showed her the curtains and asks if she notices anything peculiar.

She didn’t — at first.

Then the dry cleaner drew her attention to the shiny speckles on the lace curtains that everyone had assumed were sequins that were part of the fabric.

It turns out they were something more.

To her amazement, those shiny speckles were diamonds mom had collected over the years and woven into the lace, but NEVER informed the kids about!

Now all the children live with that nagging doubt:

They’ll never know what was in the comforters they gave to Goodwill or the carpets they simply threw out. Maybe something, maybe nothing. But they’ll never know.

Information Now Means a
Trouble-Free Estate Later

At a moment when your children are reeling from the loss of a parent, at a time when your husband or wife is devastated by the passing of their mate, at these moments your family is at its most vulnerable.

Have you ever met anyone who truly thinks clearly at a time like this?

I haven’t. That’s why my clients trust me.

That’s why I created Information for Survivors. Not just for my parents and their needs, but for everyone who cares enough to care for their children and protect their assets when they are at their most vulnerable.

It contains all the information survivors need after a death to make sure that your wishes are honored and that no assets are lost or misplaced.

Think about all the places where you have assets. Every year, millions of dollars just vanish because no one knows they exist, much less where they are. And I’m not just talking about cash. For instance, do you have…

We will all someday leave what we have to our heirs: Do you also want to leave your estate to the to the government, the courts, the banks?

Cover Your Assets
In a Few Easy Steps

Information for Survivors is one of the most important sections of the complete Estate Planning Organizer kit, because it outlines your assets and your wishes, and it ensures that your heirs know exactly what you have, where to find it, and what you want done with it.

It contains the following…

This and many more are covered in The Estate Planning Organizer. The kit is richly detailed in actionable, practical terms. Plus, remember that…

… It’s Not Just For Your Children:
Your Spouse Needs Protection, Too

A key issue most people face when planning their estate is that, as a couple, they won’t necessarily pass together. In fact, statistically, it’s pretty unusual for both parents to go at the same time.

That’s one more reason why The Estate Planning Organizer’s Information for Survivors section is so important. You needn’t pass this one up.

You’ll learn what to do when your spouse passes away.

There are so many issues and things to think about after a death that people don’t realize will come up until it happens. This section is simply a “checklist,” if you will, of things to do in the event that one spouse passes leaving the other to deal with the situation.

Losing a loved one is hard.

And no loss is harder to manage than the loss of a spouse. Will you or your partner be thinking straight? Calm? Cool? Collected?

I highly doubt it.

The time to plan for the practical issues that will come up then is right now, while you have time to think, discuss, plan together, especially before something happens — including the possibility that you become incapacitated or unable to speak for yourself.

If or when that happens, it will be far too late.

Your life together is a partnership: Shouldn’t the decisions about your passing also be made with your partner? It should.

The Estate Planning Organizer
Has It All… It’s All In There!

One of the common — and most easily preventable — problems I see after someone loses a parent is missing or forgetting information in their parents’ paperwork.

It’s too easy to forget something important, or neglect something that needs attention — and so a lot of people do just that.

But even the most carefully planned estate can land in probate and end up paying too much in taxes if crucial information is missing.

Make all that hard work planning the estate pay.

The Estate Planning Organizer is not just a place to store the elements of your estate plan. It is an organized approach to your estate planning that leaves nothing to chance, and ensures that you cover all the bases when you set up your living trust, your will, or whatever tools you use to ensure your legacy goes to the people you choose…

… And NOT the government!

“What Do Attorneys And Professionals
Say About The Estate Planning Organizer?”

“(It) simplifies the entire estate planning process. Jeff Radich’s Estate Planning Organizer™ simplifies the entire estate planning process from start to finish and breaks it down into easy bite-size pieces. You’ll sleep well knowing you’ve protected your family from the twin terrors of taxes and probate, without missing a single opportunity.”
— Edward A. Lyon, Tax Attorney, Author, Speaker

“Your guide is a must for anyone looking to prepare a living trust. No one likes wasting hours surfing the Internet for information especially on wills, living trusts, power of attorneys or living wills. People need accurate and helpful step by step information to help them get the job done right… it’s all right here. As an experienced Elder law attorney with a lot of experience with estate planning, your guide is a must for anyone looking to prepare a living trust. Good job.”
— Dennis Toman, Elder Law attorney, EstatePlanningLinks.com, ElderLawFirm.com

“The Estate Planning Organizer provides a comprehensive tool for people to approach estate planning. It walks you step-by-step through an explanation of the estate planning process, organization of information needed to facilitate that process, and key decisions that you need to make in order to formulate an effective estate plan. The Estate Planning Organizer will efficiently and effectively guide you through the estate planning process.”
— Jason E. Havens, Attorney at Law, Hall & Runnels, P.A., Destin, Florida, jasonhavens.net

You Can Get It Done
— At Your Own Pace!

Open The Estate Planning Organizer, go through the materials, and get ready to really plan your estate, your wishes, your legacy. Effectively.

The Organizer asks you every question that you might need to consider, and because it’s essentially a workbook, you have the time to consider every answer, and think about every issue before you make decisions.

No one makes his or her best decisions in a rush or at gunpoint.

I know that, which is why I designed The Estate Planning Organizer to let you work as fast or as slow as you want, at a pace you’re comfortable with, and to make whatever changes as time passes and situations change.

And when you’re done, you’ll breathe easier because you prepare your will and trust, and organize your assets and paperwork…

And sleep better at night, knowing you’ve covered all the bases!

You’re not in a rush.

You work at your own pace, as you prepare to build an absolutely ironclad estate plan. Keep your kids and your property out of probate and minimize or even eliminate the government’s share of your estate.

You can do it. Easily. Quickly. Today.

Just the…

… Best-Organized, Best-Documented,
And Best-Prepared.

After years of research, surveys and study, I’ve created a comprehensive, step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank Estate Planning Organizer.

It’s downloadable directly from this site, and ensures you will succeed at understanding and preparing a solid plan. I built it to safeguard my parents, so you know I believe in it. Now it’s your turn.

But if you’re still unsure, remember that you also get…

My No Risk, No-Questions-Asked, 100%
Ironclad, Money-Back 30-Day Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is fully assured through the no-risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, ironclad 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with the Estate Planning Organizer, just contact me anytime (1-800-852-5974) and I will refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings.

What I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this is for you, or if it will answer every question. Just get it. If you don’t get what you need and answers to questions… If you don’t save money (a lot of money, time and frustration)… If it isn’t life-changing… If it doesn’t work for you…

… You have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your purchase price under our no-loopholes guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. Order right now!


Finally! Stop the Confusion That
Keeps You From Getting It Done

The very worst thing you can do for your family, your friends and your assets is… Nothing. And yet, that’s what most people do.

Every day, I hear a new story about how someone lost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to probate costs, legal costs, and estate taxes.

Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about someone’s missing assets, heirlooms, or income. The worst part about it all is that someone, at some point, with their inaction, chose to make these people suffer.

Don’t be a victim!

In most cases in these horror stories, the parents didn’t know what to do or were so intimidated or confused by the process, that they chose to do nothing — they chose to make their heirs victims. Because like I said, if you don’t specify how your estate is distributed, the government will.

That’s why The Estate Planning Organizer is designed with everyone in mind to make it easier for anyone, whether you’re an expert or a newbie:

No matter who you are, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your loved ones and your assets are protected. My kit leaves no stone unturned.

“The Organizer Helped Us Get Our House In Order!”

“Before I purchased the Organizer I did not even know what or how much was involved in planning my estate, what a trust is, probate, or what my family would have to go through if I did not plan for my family after I am gone. The Organizer has helped us get our household in order.”
— Sandra Edwards, Washington, DC

A Complete Picture Of The
Estate Planning Organizer

The comprehensive sections of the Estate Planning Organizer help you build a complete picture of yourself, your assets, and your heirs. It gives you a comprehensive record of your legacy, and ensures that when the time comes, your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

The Estate Planning Organizer teaches you how to…

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also learn…

And so much more!

NOT Your Typical “Do-It-Yourself” Kit!
Here’s Why I’m Different Than Most…

If you’ve been looking around, you’ve probably seen other estate planning products online. And if you’ve researched them — or worse, bought — you already know that they’re often thin on facts, weak on advice, and fall well short of being simple, thorough and comprehensive.

There are a lot of questionable do-it-yourself programs on the Internet and in bookstores, but let’s face it: It’s still very tempting to prepare your living trust for $49.95 when an attorney charges $2,500.00 and up.

But, is it a good idea?

A good question, because by now you’ve probably figured out that most of the “companies” out there are actually just some guy working from his basement, trying to make a living by persuading you to spend your money.

When I think of these “companies,” the image I always get in my head is of some unshaven balding guy in his boxers and a plaid bathrobe hunched over his PC typing away like mad only looking at getting your money.

And I have to tell you, I personally have a hard time believing they can help me with something as important as my estate plan. I mean, estate planning is serious business. It’s one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself, your assets, and your family.

I for one don’t want to take advice from some guy who (in my mind anyway) isn’t even wearing pants. (I hear stories like that all the time!)

I’m Not In The Internet Business,
I’m In The Estate Planning Business.

That’s what makes me different: I’m not making my living at “selling a commodity” on the Internet. In fact, I earn my money helping people just like you create a bullet-proof estate plan every day.

The Internet is not my bread and butter, estate planning is.

And the Internet is just one way I use to reach people just like you to help them like I want to help you. That’s what makes me different.

And it’s also what makes me better, too:

Go ahead. Call that number. Try me. And then you’ll know what really makes me better. In fact, don’t take my word for it…

“You Are Real! Your Clients Can Even Call Me.!”

“Before I purchased the step-by-step Estate Planning Organizer™ I really wanted to know that the Estate Plan Center and Jeff Radich were real. So, I called and I was amazed that the person who picked up the line was actually Jeff Radich himself. For the clients who want to know that you are real and the Estate Planning Organizer™ is an excellent product, you can have them call me and I will be glad to speak to them. Thank you very much.”
— Ernestine McWhorter, Las Cruces, NM 505-644-3292

Here Are 5 Extra Bonuses
I developed to Make The Process Easier

I’ve come up with four incredible bonuses — a total $314.00 value — yours absolutely FREE when you order The Estate Planning Organizer.™

Bonus #1: Estate Planning 101: 7 Principles You Need To Know Before Developing a Will or Living Trust (a $97 Value)

Estate planning is not just for the rich. If you own anything, then you have an estate. A good estate plan provides a legal and practical means for transferring assets to those you love. If you don’t make one, your state of residence will make one for you and that never turns out the way you’d want.

In this special coaching session with Attorney, Michael T Palermo and author of the AARP’s Crash Course in Estate Planning you will be introduced to the basics of estate planning.

“If you don’t know a single thing about wills, living trusts, power of attorneys or living wills, then this is the session for you.”

This layman’s guide to estate planning will give you the running start you need to make the right choice for you and your family. Here are just some of the takeaways from this first session:

  • The truth behind a will and the revocable living trust.
    (Don’t get tricked into either one. Know the facts before you decide.)
  • How to pick the right executor or successor trustee.
    (2 considerations when choosing the right person to take over for you.)
  • 5 Provisions to include inside your Power of Attorney.
    (And why a good Power of Attorney will protect you while you are alive.)
  • Are you sure you disinherited your ex-spouse?
    (Many surviving spouses are surprised to learn that their deceased’s spouse’s ex will be receiving part of their inheritance… don’t let this happen to you.)
  • Why you should avoid giving away assets while you’re alive.
    (Most never consider this one very important tax bite.)
  • Secrets for passing assets free of probate.
    (Certain assets avoid probate while others don’t… do you know which ones?)
  • How to avoid being plugged into a machine.
    (3 provisions to protect yourself if you cannot make your own medical decisions.)
  • How to protect your financial interests if you are alive but unable to manage them yourself.
    (This document will allow someone you trust the right to protect and manage your estate while you are alive without court intervention.)
  • The right way to disinherit someone.
    (Why you don’t need to leave your child a dollar.)
  • How to find a qualified estate planning attorney.
    (This tip alone may save you from losing thousands.

And a whole lot more.

What you’ll discover in this special (2-CD) coaching session is exactly what you should learn the first time you meet with a qualified estate planning attorney. That is why we call it Estate Planning 101.

However, most attorneys can’t or won’t spend that kind of time with you unless you pay $150 to $250 per hour. And here is the tricky part… unless you know what to ask most people are left speechless. We know what you want to ask.

After surveying 12,838 people we uncovered the top questions everyone needs answered about estate planning basics.

Bonus #2: Living Trust Answers – Discover How to Plan, Prepare, Manage and Settle a Living Trust (a $79 value)

Living Trust Answers is an in-depth interview with one of the country’s top estate planning attorneys, Ed Pernal. I had the great privilege to interview him — and I recorded the conversation and had the word for word transcript prepared JUST FOR YOU!

In this amazing interview — a $79 value — you get over an hour of information-packed discussions about every major issue you NEED to know before you spend any money creating a living trust.

We answered the most important questions from a survey done to over 12,500 people.

We explore how to create a trust, how to transfer assets in and out of a revocable living trust, how to pick a trustee and divide assets among beneficiaries and finally how to manage and settle the trust.

You won’t want to miss this amazing report!

You can purchase this on it’s own at www.livingtrustanswers.com but I am going to give it to you as a FREE Bonus just because you are ordering today.

  • How a living trust works and what you need to do in order to prepare one correctly.
  • What a Living trust will not do and the misconceptions most people have about them.
  • What makes a good living trust and what a trust should do for you.
  • Which assets go in the name of your Living Trust and which assets stay out of your trust.
  • How to make an amendment to your trust without having to spend hundreds of dollars each time.
  • How to pick the right successor trustee and what instructions they will need from you.
  • How to handle your minor children/grandchildren and how to sprinkle your assets to them over time using your trust.
  • The two most common mistakes people almost always make and what you can do to avoid them.

… And much more!

Hi Jeff,

“Thanks again for helping me to understand the importance of having a living trust. I think you have done a lot to give us the information free. It cost me $300.00/ hr. to talk to my attorney. Stick with what you are doing, this is a great service. Thanks again for the great information.”
Best Regards – H.V. Hogue

These invaluable tips contained in this red-hot special report — a $79 value — will likely pay for your Estate Planning Organizer™ all by themselves.

And the report is yours, free to keep — even if you decide to cancel your order and return the Estate Planning Organizer! Look at it as my gift to you for saying “thanks for giving my kit a try.”

Bonus #3: How to Avoid Probate – Your Step-by-Step Guide for Transferring Assets into a Living Trust (A $39 Value)

If you are going to prepare a living trust, you are probably doing it to AVOID PROBATE. If that is true, then you need to know how to transfer your assets into the name of your living trust.

This is the most important part of having a living trust!

My new step by step guide to transferring your assets into your living trust has been called by some, the “tutorial to the living trust.”

Make sure you print this report and keep it inside your living trust after it is prepared in order to make sure you NEVER SEND YOUR CHILDREN THROUGH PROBATE.

  • Why an estate has to go through probate and why your children may have to go through probate.
  • What you can do RIGHT NOW to eliminate the probate process for your children.
  • A Step by Step guide to transfering your assets into your living trust.

Bonus #4: Estate Taxes: Understand How To Keep Uncle Sam Out Of Your Pocket (a $39 value)

Ah yes, taxes. Anyone with a large estate will have to pay estate taxes. But with the right information, you can minimize the amount you pay and maximize the amount of your estate that you can pass on to your children.

Maybe more important, this $39 report shows you some of the simple — and very often overlooked — ways you can make sure your spouse gets as much of your estate (and Uncle Sam as little) as possible.

Through this special report, you will learn:

  • What estate taxes are and why we have them.
  • How much you can leave your children, and how new tax laws affect that (and how best to legally work around them or at least minimize the taxes).
  • The pros and cons of estate taxes.
  • How the new estate tax exemption works.
  • Whether or not congress will have to change the law again, what if anything is likely to happen, and how to protect yourself just in case.
  • Proven, practical (and some little-known) ways to overcome the tax burden for your children.
  • How to use tools like living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable remainder trusts, family limited partnership, and gifts to substantially reduce your estate taxes.
  • How to use unified credit, unlimited marital deduction provisions, estate tax exemptions, and gift tax exclusions to minimize your taxes.
  • What happens if you are a non-US citizen.

The tax tips that you’ll learn from this special report — a $39 value — could save you hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars. And it’s yours 100% FREE when you secure your copy of The Estate Planning Organizer.

Bonus #5: How to Protect Your Children and Grandchildren – Who Will Take Care of Your Kids if You Can’t (a $39 value)

This exclusive report walks you through the practical and psychological hurdles you need to clear to choose — and agree on — a guardian for your minor children.

Here is just a sampling of a few of the things you will learn by reading this practical manual:

  • 10 factors YOU and your spouse need to think about before actually choosing a guardian.
  • Having a disagreement? 3 simple ways to AGREE with your spouse on a guardian for your children.
  • 5 reasons why your parents may NOT be the right choice. (Don’t choose them before reading this!)
  • Several key questions you MUST ask the guardian.
  • A common tactic: Naming different guardians for different children — is it a good idea?
  • Who should not only watch your child but also manage the money? (The answer might surprise you.)
  • Learn how to make YOUR specific wishes known.

This report is valued at $39, but what is it really worth? Here’s what one client had to say about it:

“I know people who labored over this issue (it is a very difficult one because we all want the best for our kids). If they only would have been provided with this report, I am sure it would NOT have been such a difficult process. The best part is your advice to parents on how to list of the qualities they wish for a guardian. This will help so many people eliminate their emotional opinions of their candidates, get beyond personality issues, and be able to choose based on the criteria chosen. Well done!”
— Chris Burbidge, Des Plaines IL

Be honest. Ask Yourself
The Following Questions

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of these questions, your family, your assets — and maybe even your life — are in danger.

So you need to do something about it now.

The longer you wait, the greater the risks — and potential loss — becomes. Don’t wait until the last minute! The time is now. Today.

The Estate Planning Organizer can help you build the ironclad estate plan that protects your assets, your spouse, your kids, and yourself in the event that something unexpected happens to you.

And Best Of All,
It’s Affordable!

The information The Estate Planning Organizer represents years of hard work, experience and careful planning. If you ask a top estate planning attorney to prepare a detailed review of your estate that was as complete as the Organizer, what do you think it would cost you?

$1,000? $2,000? More? (I’ve seen some as high as $5,000+!)

Whether you talk to them on the phone or in their office, most qualified estate planning attorneys charge at least $175 an hour just to talk. Can you really find out everything you need to know about estate planning in an hour? What happens if it takes two hours? Three? Or even more?

I’ve been told by many professionals that I should be charging at the very least $399.00 for the Estate Planning Organizer.

And that comes from the professionals who use the planner themselves to help prepare the estates of THEIR clients. These are paying customers.

But even though they tell me I’m leaving money on the table, I don’t care. I really want to help people as much as I helped my own parents.

Review the Complete Estate Planning Organizer Program Including All the Bonus Items Listed Above for 30-Days

When you order The Estate Planning Organizer today, you’ll receive a full-30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If after 30 days you aren’t 100% satisfied and don’t feel like you've learned how to protect and distribute your assets, eliminate estate taxes and wipe away any future conflict with between your children… and create a rock-solid estate plan, then simply return it.

Otherwise, keep the program and continue to enjoy it.

Here Are Two Easy Ordering Options

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You get the complete package that has been proven time and again with thousands of happy customers.

You get instant access to the materials online so you can download the Estate Planning Organizer and get started right away, PLUS we’ll send the full printed program along with the 2-audio CDs.

And with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you risk nothing. You have absolutely nothing to lose whatsoever.

You have the right to a prompt and full refund at any time — even after you’ve read and completed the Organizer and all the FREE bonuses.

Fair enough?

Choose an ordering option below with my complete 30-day 100% guarantee!

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Option # 1: If you prefer to make one payment, click the option above to make one payment of $197.

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We’ll give you instant acces to download The Estate Planning Organizer in the next 3 minutes PLUS we will EVEN ship your Organizer and your FREE extra bonuses today!

You and I know that if you have read this far, you are serious about creating a solid estate plan and protecting your family and your legacy.

All that is left to do now is to take action. Now.


P.S.: Don’t take my word for it. Read what other people have to say about The Estate Planning Organizer. These are real people. As a matter of fact, I just received this letter a few days ago.

Dear Jeff,

I thank you for your “Estate Planning Organizer”, and just want to tell you (from experience) what a worthwhile product you created.

I was involved in gathering assets and determining what there was 4 years ago, when my brother passed away.

Since it was a sizeable estate, it was not an easy job. As a result, I was determined to get my own affairs in order — as I certainly did not want anyone trying to piece things together and spending the endless hours that turned into months, that I had spent on my brother’s estate.

I had a further problem inasmuch as my successor trustee lives in another state (many states away) — is a very busy physician — and could not possibly take the time to gather all of the facts in a few days.

As a result, I organized everything with your Organizer.

Everything is tabbed and spelled out — including names and phone numbers of brokers, banks, insurance agents, etc. to contact.

Jeff, what you have done is a great service to not only anyone who purchases this product but also their loved ones after they are gone.

Since preparing my Organizer, I realized changes needed to be made to my trust, and met with my attorney to do just that. When he saw what I had done he said “In my 25 years of practicing law I have seen many organized people, but you have to be right up there at the top!”

Thanks to you, many heirs will be able to settle estates, save attorney costs, save endless hours and many heartaches, etc. — and be right there at the top of organized people … and best of all — anyone using your product will have a great satisfaction of knowing that all the assets are listed, their wishes will be known, etc. and no one has to struggle gathering assets, at a time for grieving.

Good luck, Jeff, with your worthwhile package.


Julie Houser
Delray Beach, Florida.